Age: 29/24 | Height: 5'9"/5'8" | Weight: 140/180
Firefighter Ryler and Private Roman seem to have a natural rapport as they discuss their professional lives and the service they have each contributed to their communities. As they exchange ideas about camaraderie in the line of duty, a shared passion begins to stir. These two have a palpable chemistry that oozes all over the bed, promising a hot military sex scene. Ryler and Roman deliver the deep-dicking goods in almost immediate abundance! The moment Ryler un-sheaths his hardened spear, Roman can't take his eyes off of it! Ryler's sweet cock in his commanding grip has Roman licking his lips with yearning. Roman leans in, and placing his hand on Ryler's thigh, asks if he can touch the glistening fuck-tool. Moments after Ryler concedes, Roman moves effortlessly from stroking Ryler's cock with his capable hand, to sucking it with his hungry mouth. Ryler closes his eyes, gasping with pleasure, while Roman greedily gobbles up the cockfest. Ryler maniacally thrusts into Roman's eager mouth with his rigid tool, fucking Roman's facehole. Overly excited, Ryler doesn't want to blow his load too fast. He takes the opportunity to deep-throat Roman's massive mansteak. Ryler sucks at a frenzied pace, with the speed of each sloppy slurp nearly drowning out Roman's ecstatic cries. Roman, with eyes tightly clinched together, screams out, "Oh, that's fucking good!" The action only gets hotter, as Ryler wields Roman's legs overhead. Ryler's so ready to plant his hot poker in Roman's ass that he doesn't even pull Roman's pants off all the way! He's not the only one who's lost his patience, as Roman screams, "Stick it in!" Ryler barrels into Roman's ass, while Roman pulls violently on his own hungry cock! Ryler sends shockwaves of pleasure throughout Roman's core, shaking the bed with every spasmic thrust. These two are on fire! Roman can't get enough of Ryler's manhandling, and jumps into Ryler's lap. Roman reaches back to spread his ass so that Ryler can achieve maximum penetration. As their fucking peaks with the intensity of a sudden earthquake, Roman smacks his spunk all over his stomach. His cock spits hot white bullets of jizz on his lean torso as he rides the wave of Ryler's deep penetration. Ryler's ready to bust his nut, as Roman takes position on the floor to receive his facial. Ryler slaps his dick into Roman's face as he squirts, straining and eventually draining his cum scepter. This is a fuck scene worthy of a replay!

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