Age: 23/29 | Height: 6'/5'3 | Weight: 165/132
Orientation: BI/GAY
Muscle studs Dominic and Clayton are chatting with each other about what they do for work. Clayton asks Dominic about why he chose to be a firefighter. Dominic can't put his finger on it exactly but something about the flames of a burning building and saving lives is probably an accurate guess. They pop in a porn and start watching together, commenting on the hot action they are seeing. Clayton takes a risky move and takes ahold of Dominic's crotch, lightly stroking his growing bulge in his pants. Clayon grasps his manhood too at the same time and gives it a few squeezes. Next he unbuttons Dominic's shirt, revealing his slightly hairy chest and washboard abdominal muscles. Clayton continues to rub on Dominic's now-hard meat and then pulls down his pants to whip it out for all to see. Clayton grips the penis and massages the length before diving it into his throat. He sucks and licks the entire shaft while juggling Dominic's balls in his hands. Dominic starts pulling on Clayton's shirt signaling that it must come off. Clayton peels it off and unbuckles his shorts so his hard pink penis can pop out of its prison. Dominic hops instantly on it, shoving it down his mouth and slurping on it like a child in the summer time with an ice cream cone. Clayon hops up and lowers his shorts to his knees, taking position on his knees. He spits and lubes up his hole while Dominic walks around behind him and slips it in. Clayton moans out as the big dick enters his man hole, stretching it. Dominic grasps onto his buddy's hips and pulls himself into him. Dominic flips Clayton onto his back and throws his legs up in the air to give him easy access to Clayton's hole. He plows in and out causing his balls to slap against Clayton's ass cheeks. Claytons grabs onto his wet dong and strokes it to completion. He explodes creamy globs of semen onto his stomach and moans out as Dominic continues to pound his sweet ass. Dominic is ready to blow now too so he pulls out and mounts himself above Clayton. He shoots out long streams of cum from his hose across Clayton's face, neck and chest. No wonder he chose to be a firefighter!

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