Age: 24/21 | Height: 5'11/6'0 | Weight: 175/175
Timo and Scott start off their day by getting pumped up. They do sets together military style and support each other. First Timo suggests they do some push ups, stopping in between to slap the hand of their partner. Next they do some sit ups, leg crunches, and leg throws. After working up a sweat, the boys decide to kick back and watch a movie together. They begin slowly rubbing and grasping onto their meat wads through their pants. Timo is first to unbuckle and whip out his hardened man dong with Scott pulling his out shortly after. They both gaze at each others' penis while they stroke their shafts. Finally, Timo has worked himself up and wants to suck some dick. He reaches over and places his lips over the pink head before him then begins slurping up and down. Scott takes this time to rid Timo of his shirt and Timo removes Scott's pants in return. Timo glides one finger into Scott's tight man haven while he continues to eat up the ginger cock. Timo pulls the rest of his pants down and Scott dives down on the Timo Tower. As Scott swallows up the man flesh, Timo moans out and pushes his friend down further and further. Timo gets up and bends over, ordering his friend to eat his ass. Scott jumps in and spreads apart his cheeks while he tongue-punches Timo's tight hole. Timo jumps up and face fucks Scott while he feels up his own body. Timo reaches the finish line and strokes his long schlong to completion. He moans out load and shoots long thick white streams of cum across Scott's cheek and into his mouth. Literally splashing it everywhere. Scott cleans up Timo's cock head then sits down on the couch to jerk himself. He spits out globs of semen which fall onto his pubic bush and belly button.

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