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Petty Officer Chris has spent several years in the sweaty underbelly of a nuclear submarine, in the Navy. He talks about being on deployment and the grueling 12 hour days with little or not sleep. Guys on subs have share, 2 bunks for 3 guys. Sometimes that makes it difficult to get your personal needs satisfied. Chris says you're never more than 4 feet from a circle jerk when the boat is submerged. Military men try to respect each others' privacy. So, Chris says he's never actually been in a circle jerk or engaged in sex on a ship. This lean muscular stud has piercing blue eyes and an oversized uncut dick. He lays back on the bed and starts working on his little sailor through his jeans. He takes off his shirt to reveal abs and pecs developed from years of military service. Speaking of military service, this guy can't wait to get his pants unbuttoned and get his cock at full salute. He strokes rhythmically while his balls bounce against his bulging taint. He gets up on all fours to give his pink pucker a little digital action, sliding his finger into the velvet hallway. Rolling onto his back, he begins to jack his meat more intensely. His abs tense and his legs stiffen and his cock begins to spit out the contents of his nuts. He moans as the thick Naval semen pools up in his navel. His hand is coated in thick gobs of whiteness. He finally relaxes, breathing heavily as he recovers from the military operation at hand.

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