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Private Tyler is ready to help out a fellow soldier with a battlefield injury. Our sexy ginger Marine Chris needs a little foot massage, and Tyler is just the man to give him a helping hand. Both of these military studs are clad in camouflage. But not for long! As Tyler begins pressing on Chris' muscled legs, a swelling develops in his crotch. Tyler unzips his comrade's pants and begins to stroke the already hard cock. Soon, Tyler is bobbing on Chris' knob, as Chris moans in pleasure. Tyler makes sure to bury his face all the way down to the fiery bush. Chris wants to return the favor and pulls Tyler's swollen soldier from his pants; swirling his tongue and deep-throating the monster. Once Tyler is at full salute, Chris slides upward to bury the thick cock in his ass. He begins riding slowly. But once he's adjusted to the girth, he begins to thrust happily at a good pace. Tyler isn't one to make his partner do all the work. So he slides Chris onto his back and shoves his cock into the pink gape. Pounding happily, Tyler's muscles flex with each pump as Chris groans in pleasure-pain. The two kiss softly, then it's back to more ass-slamming. Chris flips over onto all fours and he's quickly mounted doggy-style by Tyler. His pleasure cave is penetrated to the full depths as Tyler's ass cheeks flex. Opening his mouth wide for the white reward coming his way, Chris thrusts out his tongue. Tyler unloads a river of thick white semen, which coats Chris tongue and chin. Chris quickly leans back and let's loose his own cum gusher; coating his stomach and copper-wire bush.

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