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Timo and Tyler are sitting and talking about what they do in their free time. Timo says he likes to watch porn, movies, and go to the gym when he is bored. Tyler shares a story about when he was in college. He and his roomies would blast a porno so that everyone in the building could hear it. He mentions how he wishes someone would have just whipped their dick out right then and there! With a little encouragement from Timo, Tyler instead whips out his own hardened Army cock. Timo loves to suck dick and Tyler's is a beauty. Timo goes down immediately on it and slurps his heart out. Tyler pulls off his t-shirt revealing his smooth hard man body and tatted pecs. Tyler starts pulling off Timo's pants while he is getting sucked and then slides Timo off so he can start returning some felatio. Timo moans and groans as Tyler's hot mouth massages the length of the shaft. The chemistry between these two is incredible. Tyler aggresively gets Timo on all fours and spreads apart his ass cheeks. He starts to rim and smack roughly on Timo's bubble butt. After Timo gets his fill, he is more than ready to fuck Tyler's hot, military ass. But not before he eats his boy hole out first. Without warning, Timo shoves his mojo straight up Tyler's chute and Tyler loves it. He moans out loud as Timo plows and literally smacks Tyler around. Hot! Tyler gets up and takes a seat directly on Timo's raised dong. Timo bunny fucks him hard before pushing him down on his hands and knees. As Timo glides his raging penis in and out of Tyler, he builds up to his finish. With a final sprint, he pulls out his dick and rips off his wrapper before glazing Tyler's face and tongue with what looks like the most delicious frosting he's ever tasted.

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