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Kyle is a tall dark and handsome Boatswain from the pacific northwest. He put his four years in the Navy and spent his time on a carrier working the flight deck. He meets up with red-headed Marine Chris who just happened to spend some time on the same ship that Kyle was on. Kyle's immense carrier had a few squadrons on it, Navy hotties and Marine hot heads crossed paths and bunks on a daily basis. Kyle almost joined the Marines and has a major curiosity of the Marine way of life and especially their bootcamp. Chris was always on his side of the ship and had a natural curiosity if all the stories of navy guys fooling around constantly were true. The two uniformed service men swap drill sergeant nightmare stories, tales of bootcamp, and pranks they played to keep their units in good spirits. Then they turn their attention to some more advanced entertainment with each other. Chris grabs Kyle's hand and demands some attention for his cock still sheathed in it's cammie prison. Kyle shows a little backbone and whips off his belt and then plunges Chris's freckled hand into his fly. Chris has no problem brining Klye's dick to attention, after he has his fun, he leans back and waits for some famous sailor head. Chris leans back and sighs with pleasure, his mouth still wet with drool from Alex's pre-cum. Things get serious when Kyle takes it to the next level and straddles Chris's thick legs and lowers his hole onto the Marine's awaiting hard-on. Kyle rides Chris, gliding his ass up and down on the sweet pink cock. Chris's dominant nature really comes out during sex. He pulls Kyle around like a rag doll and fucks him until he blows a hot seaman's load all over his thicket of dark pube bush. Chris leans up, his heaving chest tenses up as he works toward climax. He launches a cum rocket all over Kyle and teaches him a lesson he didn't learn in bootcamp.

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