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Dressed in drab, two military hotties (and All American favorites) Timo and Marco pair up for a little R&R. Marco is a soft spoken Latin stud that joined the military to be the best he could be and find out just how good bunking with a bunch of horny guys could be too. Timo is fresh out of the service, has some major decorations on his uniform and a few notches on his belt. Both of these hunks were in the infantry and Timo just happens to be a specialist in fucking army studs. The two swap war stories and Timo starts to sound like a real vet when he complains about some residual body aches. Marco wouldn't mind getting his hands all over most of the sexy soldier and offers to help stretch him out some. Marco, the tall tanned latino who towers over Timo reaches his broad arms around the scheming soldier. He lifts, cracks and provides some relief to his little friend. Timo is obviously in need of some deeper healing and Marco starts paying attention to the most important muscle of all. Marco wraps his big beautiful lips around Timo's cock and chokes it down to the base. Timo moans and wiggles with delight as specialist Marco shows off his special talents. Timo starts to crave the taste of cock himself so he pulls Marco down beside him and goes to town. Timo's oral appetite is satiated and now his dick desires more. Marco gets bent over the couch with his hairy ass cheeks spread. Timo shoves his long pink shaft deep into Marco. Marco takes the dick like a champ and fucks back, his supple cheeks bouncing with every thrust. With Timo on top of him and his hole full of cock, Marco loses control and launches a geyser of cum all over his chest while Timo continues the anal punishing. Timo pounces up and straddles Marcos face to deposit his load onto those big full lips that are still panting from his own climax.

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