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Sergeant Slate and Sergeant Jay are swapping their stories of being bad asses in the Marines. Slate knows a lot about tracking the bad guys and how to find out what to look for when you find them. He starts by explaining his techniques. Then, Jay asks if he can be shown how to take a guy down. Slate and his massive body are happy to oblige the slight, ginger comrade. Jay gets flipped onto his back and finds himself staring up at his studly, tattooed teacher. The two lock eyes momentarily, then they begin to caress each other slowly. Slate leans ever so close to Jay's face, as if he's about to plant a giant kiss on the smaller man's face. Instead he continues lower to his pelvis and whips open the fly. He begins to suck happily on his first cock. Savoring the taste of the stiff cock in his mouth, he rips off his own shirt and unbuttons his fly. Jay's eyes roll back in his head, as if this is the best bj he's ever gotten--from a straight guy! Jay wants a taste of cock himself and leans up to give his buddy some oral attention. Slate's cock is at full salute and Jay goes at it like a hungry wolf. His muscular buddy grunts happily as his stiffy gets slurped by the velvet tongue of the fellow Marine. Slate begins stroking frantically as Jay turns his head to catch the white explosion he's about to receive. As jets of glue spray from his cock coat the side of Jay's face, Slate wants to return the favor and lies back on the couch with his mouth wide open. Jay begins to moan and cum leaps from the tip of his dick into Slate's waiting maw.

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