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Petty Officer Aiden is a newbie to the Navy. Tall, handsome, and still a little wet behind the ears, Aiden has already decided he is going to be a lifer in the service. Strapping young Jay has a few more years of service under his belt and is more than willing to show Aiden the ropes. Jay enjoys the company of fresh meat and the two swap stories from boot camp and a few more personal experiences. Aiden's claim to fame is that he banged Miss California at a party in northern California once. Jay is intrigued by this tale and wants to see who gives the better blowjob, him or Miss California. The young soldiers get their cocks in hand and start to reprimand them underneath their cammies. Jay leans over and takes Aiden's thick meat sword into his throat. Jay bobs up and down on Aiden's big uncut dick getting it rock hard in seconds. He pulls off Aiden's uniform and exposes his muscular chest and stunning Navy tattoos. Jay offers up his own cock for a little reciprocation and Aiden goes right for it. Aiden hits his cock sucking stride quickly and brings Jay to the brink. Jay launches a big white wad all over Aiden's soft cheek. Rope after rope of semen squirts from the pink head with seemingly no end. Relieved of his load, Jay leans down to finish the job he started with young Aiden's rod. Aiden blows his own prize into Jay's wet hungry mouth.

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