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Corpsman Jones serves in the Navy but he wears the USMC uniform because he spends all of his time taking care of Marines. Since the Marine Corps doesn't have it's own medics, the Navy supplies them, and he has spent some time on the battlefield riding in convoys and getting shot at by bad guys. He settles back on the bed and gets ready to let his thoughts drift away from war and on to something more relaxing. His cock is growing under the tan camouflage as he rubs gently. He whips open the fly and his pink hardon pops out. Yanking the waistband of his underwear down and away from his balls, he caresses his cock with freckle-spotted hands. He uncovers his slim, toned upper body and settles back into the pillows for more self pleasuring. His flat stomach heaves with each breath as he stares intently at the manual labor he's undertaken. Pre cum oozes from the engorged tip of the white monster as he chokes it; the orange pubic hair sprouting below. As he flips onto his stomach, his porcelain white ass raises up into the air. He reaches back and inserts his middle finger into the fur lined hole, balls bouncing below. Once his anal cavity has been properly probed, he's ready to unload. Flipping onto his back, he unleashes several streams of white goodness onto his flat stomach. The fountain of cum is accompanied by several loud grunts. Maybe this boy has more Marine in him than Navy.

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