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Sanjay was an aircraft mechanic in the US Air Force. He's always been fascinated with planes so when he was joining the military, the Air Force was a natural choice for him. He works on a plane that connects with other aircraft mid-flight and refuels them in the air. He is proud of his service and would happily do it all over again. His bright white teeth are contrasted by his exotic light brown skin. He reaches into his jeans and grabs on to his cock for some under-the-denim stroking. It's not long before he whips out a thick piece of uncut meat. His thick, furry thighs are uncovered when he slides the jeans down to his ankles and continues jerking. His hand barely wraps completely around the circumference of his purple cock while he slides the foreskin over the head and back down again, occasionally caressing his swollen balls. He takes off his shirt, revealing a tight, muscular body, with a hair covered chest and abs, and several tattoos - including one of the Statue of Liberty. As he continues jacking his cock, it swells thicker and thicker, the piss slit barely peeking out of the dark colored foreskin. Flipping over to dry hump the crack in the sofa, his hair-covered brown ass cheeks begin bouncing in the air. Settling in for some more whacking, his balls bouncing on his hairy taint, he stares intently at the video that has got him all worked up and jizz begins spraying from his cock, landing just below his right pec. Several more streams of white pearls rip from his slit and flow over his cock and hand creating a pool of cream.

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