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The guys are sitting next to each other admiring the others' uniforms. Axel's olive drab and beige camouflage is from the Army, while the dark blue and grays of Jakobee's signify Navy service. Now they start talking about tattoos and strip off their upper uniforms to compare. Jakobee goes first and begins describing his ample ink, covering smooth white skin, stretched over youthful muscles. Axel gives Jakobee a tour of his tats, which ends in Jakobee petting his chest and edging closer to him on the couch. As the guys get more comfortable with each other, Jakobee lays his head on Axel's pecs, with his arms wrapped around his chest. After a little idle chatter, Jakobee climbs onto Axel's lap and slides his tongue down the soldier's throat. Flipping back and forth, the military studs swap spit before Jakobee gives Axel the blow job of a lifetime. Axel wants to try the taste of cock and slides Jakobee's pink cock down his throat all the way to the bush, while Jakobee's perfect bubble butt sticks out into the room. Axel throws the sailor onto his back and jams his stiff cock deep into his sphincter. Jakobee moans with pleasure as his prostate is pounded. He stands so his new sailor buddy can give it to him from behind. With each thrust, Jakobee's pink sphincter is stretched as his balls dangle below. Kneeling below Axel, Jakobee manages to catch a cascade of warm cum on his cheek from Axel's thick cock, spewing a river of jizz with several grunts.

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