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Ryan and Antonio have both had their share of strange experiences while in the military. When the subject of crossing the equator comes up, they start showing each other some of the traditions observed in their respective branches of the military. Ryan tells Antonio that he should turn his cammies inside-out. This is really just a ploy to get the Private's pants down. Once they're around his ankles, Ryan goes for the Brit's uncut cock. Nestled in a patch of thick brown pubic hair, the mushroom head begins to grow. Ryan sucks it all the way to the base as it comes to full attention. Antonio pulls off his shirt, revealing a slim, muscular body, tattoos, and a bit of hair on his chest. He lays back for awhile, enjoying the oral service. But he wants to try having another man's cock in his mouth for the first time. He reaches for Ryan's crotch and unbuttons the fly of his pants. His hand guides the thick, dark brown cock from the depths as Ryan slides onto his back. Antonio goes to work immediately, sucking the black cock to the base and savoring the tip with his tongue. As he stands above his partner, Antonio gets more cocksucking from his buddy. His breathing grows heavier and his hips begin to thrust. With a giant grunt, white streams of glue leap from his cock, coating Ryan's face and chest.

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