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Sergeant Miles is the ultimate masculine hero. He spent his time in the U.S. Army Cavalry working on what he calls "seventy tons of death". Wearing his battle beard and desert camouflage uniform the soldier looks like he's armed to the teeth to fight or fuck. He loves the Army and the tank he worked on so much, he gets visibly excited when he talks about it. Injured in battle, Miles nearly lost his leg while saving one of his comrades' life. The only reason he's not still over there fighting is because his injury prevents him from being able to take on all the challenges the military requires. He hasn't let it hold him back from anything else, though. This stud is in top physical shape. You certainly can't tell that he was ever injured in battle. Settling back on the couch, he becomes more relaxed and starts working on his cock right away. He quickly begins to peel off his clothes revealing many tattoos, a bit of fur, and firm musculature. With a smirk on his face, he tugs at the pink stiffy protruding from his fly. Using both hands and some spit, he really goes to town on his meat while his steel blue eyes stare off in the distance. He springs to his knees and begins kneading his ass cheeks with one hand, while still jacking with the other. Gradually, his fingers work their way to his hole as he arches his back and thrusts his hips away from his cock. His hairy taint and pink balls are fully in view as his fingers plunge deep into depths of his sphincter. He finally works his hole over enough to bring himself to climax. Whacking at full speed, he grunts as his chest heaves. He squirts himself in the face as a giant load sprays out of his cock. He continues moaning as the remaining contents of his balls explode onto his chest.

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