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Corporal Archer is a Marine who loves to fight. He's tall, dark, and handsome with a deep voice and the confidence of a man whose spent time on the battlefield. He shares stories of being in Afghanistan and the Middle East, describing the ribbons on his chest. He reaches down and unbuckles the canvas belt before unzipping the blue trousers. Reaching his hand under the fabric to massage his meat, his eyes are focussed on the images across the room. Archer strips off his shirts, revealing tanned muscles, some of them covered in tattoos. He grips his stiff cock, squeezing the shaft as he works his way to the tip with his long fingers. It seems as if every muscle in his body ripples and flexes as he reaches back to remove his suspenders before reclining at the end of the sofa. Finally stripping completely naked, the view from below in between his legs shows just how built this soldier is. He kneels on the couch as his body begins to stiffen. With a few grunts, he thrusts his hips forward and cum shoots onto the fabric below. As each new stream of cum issues, he grunts louder and breathes heavier until the cushion is coated with soldier semen.

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