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Tyler and Miles are teaching each other a few things about their respective duties in the military while they're checking each other out. Miles can't seem to keep his focus off of Tyler's bulging crotch. And Tyler's just as interested in what Miles has going on below the belt. Miles begins to demonstrate some first aid techniques, which is putting him in some compromising positions between Tyler's legs. Soon, he's got Tyler's pants pulled down and he's going to town sucking his dick. Miles knows exactly what to do and swallows the sword all the way to the base while Tyler grunts and moans. Miles wants his turn and lets Tyler peel away his pants so that his cock springs out. Tyler, fully naked now, starts sucking happily on the growing member. Miles bends over and Tyler feasts on his hole, sticking his tongue deep into his buddy's sphincter. Soon, Miles' ass is being impaled by Tyler's stiff cock. Tyler takes long deliberate strokes, pulling his dick completely out, then jamming it to the hilt back into Miles' gape. Miles wants to ride and Tyler obliges by sitting back on the bed. Miles slides down onto the pink stiff until it is completely engulfed in his velvet hallway. Tyler stuffs Miles' boot into his mouth to mute the screams as he reams him missionary style, gripping his hand around his throat. Finally, Tyler thrusts his cock into Miles' face and paints it with ropes of white jizz, most of it going down Miles' throat. Miles obediently cleans the last few glistening drops from the tip by sucking them off.

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