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Landon is looking hot in his yellow firefighter turnouts today. Even with all of his experience fighting fires and saving lives, he still looks slightly nervous today as Paolo tries to get to know him a little better. Paolo talks Landon into showing him the basics of an emergency rescue. This involves Landon putting his hands all over Paolo, which he's enjoying thoroughly. Paolo wants to check some things on Landon, who obediently lies back allowing the sexy latino to slide his hands over his crotch. The special attention is making Landon hot and he peels off his jacket, showing off his sexy muscles and tattoos. Paolo reaches into Landon's pants and pulls out a stiff boner which he immediately devours. As Landon lays back to enjoy the service, Paolo works his dick with his mouth and hand as if he's trying to get milk out of a cow. As his buddy deep throats his tool, Landon gently places his hand on the back of Paulo's head before pushing his face closer to his fur covered pelvis. Paolo is greedily slurping away on his straight buddy's big dick, making gulping and gagging noises along the way. As Landon towers over Paolo, he starts to grunt and moan ever more loudly. With Paolo's tongue outstretched in anticipation, Landon drops a heavy load as his hips thrust forward. Paolo laps at Landon's cock, sucking every last drop of cum from the tip.

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