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Anderson is teaching Tyler some basic evasive moves for hand-to-hand combat. Tyler looks bigger and stronger, but Anderson takes him down several times. Tyler has a move of his own, throwing Anderson onto his back with his face in his crotch. He skillfully unbuckles Anderson's belt before diving in face first for some military cocksucking. The slim corporal has a surprise for Tyler, who is unwrapping a sizable piece of meat. Anderson doesn't want to miss out on oral exercises and offers to give his buddy some head. With Tyler's stiff cock in his face, Anderson swallows it whole while whacking his own. The corporal is greedy and wants the thick cock somewhere besides his mouth. As Tyler reclines, Anderson straddles him, easing the wooden dong deep into his man cavern. As his slim body is split in two by the Private's thick cock, Anderson moans softly at first, then louder as the pace quickens. Anderson bounces on it for a good long time before hopping on all fours with his ass offered up from behind. Tyler happily glides his hard-on into the waiting sphincter as Anderson groans as his needy rectum is sated. Tyler wants to see the face of his comrade as he drills his hole. So he flips Anderson onto his back for a more romantic ass jamming face to face. Anderson has had his fill of deep penetration, just in time for Tyler to bust. He rips his dick out of the slight corporals tight ass and jams it in his face. Anderson manages to capture most of the thick cream in his mouth as more of it dribbles down his chin, slurping a few remaining drops for the pink piss slit.

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