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Miles has new adventures to tell us about from when he was in the Army. Once he and a group of friends were snowboarding in the Austrian alps and started to drink a little. Apparently things got a little crazy because Miles woke up 4 days later under a bridge in Luxembourg. It's easy to tell this man loves adventure. He's rugged, built, and handsome. He smiles frequently while telling his story. Now that he's had some experience with men, Miles has been having more adventures in the bedroom. Today he's going to be stretching his hole, trying to fit even larger objects through his sphincter. First, Miles is going for a little stroking to get in the mood to have his ass opened up. He pulls down his pants and his pink soldier is at full attention. He grabs the massive stick and massages it with his tattooed fingers. After a few minutes, he reaches into his bag and brings out a purple 5 inch vibrator. He easily guides this into his crack in just a few seconds. As he rams it into his hole, he smiles and groans, happy to be penetrated again after such a long wait. Now that he's opened up a little, it's time to upgrade to the next toy in his bag. He lubes a blue eight inch dong and shoves it into his ass, grunting as it spreads his inner space. Managing to stuff it all the way to the base and groaning loudly as his prostate is obliterated from the rapid thrusts, he's ready for his final challenge. From his bag he pulls a black, twelve inch dildo, which his grip is not able to complete the circumference. Lubing it up, he takes a deep breath before wedging it between his boot and anal cavity. He eases backward, trying to get his asshole open enough to at least get the tip in. Screaming as his guts are split open by his rubber friend, Miles grimaces while trying to meet the challenge. Reaching back to spread his cheeks, he screams, 'Ahhhh, fuck!' as it finally slides in. Once his guts are scrambled from everything he smashed into his ass, Miles sits back and strokes until his cock explodes, a giant fountain of jizz spraying upward and landing on his shoulder.

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