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Everybody loves a man in uniform. Hot young Sergeant Aaron is back from Iraq after serving as one of the fine Army intelligence workers. During the war, Aaron wanted to serve his country and pump up enlistments during wartime. He has seen his share of the action, and even though he got knocked down, he held strong. He is almost always horned up, and was quite a player when he was overseas. He has managed to keep no less than three girls happy in one day, and now he is back and ready to pump his thick cock. His bulging arms and pecs are enough to get anyone's attention, and his big strong hands are perfect for stoking his thick cock. Sergeant Aaron grabs a big handful of crotch and starts working it over right away. Once he lays back and peels off his shirt, a well defined bronzed chest comes into full view. His hands dive right in and start stroking his meat and pretty soon he is sporting a major bulge that needs to be released. He quickly runs out of room in his pants and needs to unleash his raging hard cock. Once his pants are down, his big cum filled nuts hanging low with days worth of cum are right out in the open for anyone to see. After he stokes his meat to maximum stiffness, Aaron jumps to his knees to showing an awesome profile view of his cock and amazing tight butt. His big hands get a nice workout on that hot cock of his. Then it's time for Aaron to roll back on his back and show off some hot views as he pounds away at his cock. His muscles tighten up and he starts stroking his ball sack, working himself up for the ultimate cum shot. And he does not disappoint as he unleashes round after round that he launches onto his flexing chest. Soon his abs are dotted with cum shots. There aren't any better shots on an artillery range.

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