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During three tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, Petty Officer Cam saw more than his share of action. As a combat medic, he and his buddies were in the thick of the action when the bullets started flying. His helo would swoop in to collect wounded, and he would help save lives. Sometimes even putting his own life on the line. The Navy taught him respect and discipline, and in his words, helped him “pull his head out of his ass”. All that action did not come without some hair raising moments, and Cam eventually found himself wounded and in a hospital himself. Now he prefers action of a different sort as he leans back in his flight suit. The flight suit conveniently zips open from both ends, and once he's opened his up, it’s obvious Cam has quite a tool to work with. He works his paws over the full length of his mesh jock until his bulge grows thick and stiff. Then Cam unzips the rest of his uniform to show an awesome treasure trail and hot tats. Once his hand dives under his jock it isn't long before he has run out of room and needs to release his stiff rod. With a little spit on his palm he starts stroking his meat slowly all the way up and down the thick shaft. Then he peels off his flight suit and shows off his toned action hardened body. Then Cam lays back with his legs spread wide and starts working his wood with both hands, occasionally letting his fingers dive down below his nut sack to finger his prostate. He milks out drops of precum for lube so he can stoke even harder. Then he flips over on to all fours and shows of his hot ass. He fingers himself while his head is buried in the sofa, letting his finger dive deep, then two fingers as he breathes heavy. Then he flips back onto his back and starts pounding his cock with tight gripped hands while fingering his prostate. In moments, his body tenses as he lets loose thick streams of creamy white cum.

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