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Fire Mechanic Aaron likes to maintain heavy equipment. Since he was a kid, his dad had him working on all kinds of farm equipment and heavy tractors. He ate it up, and could not get enough. Now he works on fire engines, keeping up the diesels and getting hands on. The work is hard, and it definitely gets him covered in grease and breaking a sweat. It probably does not hurt being around hot fire fighter studs either. Occasionally, Aaron gets to see some of his fire fighter buddies out of their gear, strutting around in their t-shirts and underwear. Aaron is a bit of an exhibitionist himself, and will take his shirt off any chance he gets. He is highly sexual, and doesn't miss a chance to get some action when he can. On that note, Aaron peels off his shirt to show his lean, toned build. First, he gets his hands down his crotch and starts working his meat through his pants. Then he slides one hand under and goes hands-on before he pulls back his pants to show off his nice thick rod and and ginger crotch. He takes long strokes on his cock, working all the way down to the base of his shaft. Then he pulls his pants down to his knees and reveals his ball sack hanging low and full of cum. And that's not all he is sporting as he reveals his butt plug gripped tightly in his hot hole. He presses it down on his prostate, twisting and releasing it while moaning. Within moments, Aaron jumps on his knees and gives a full view of his tight milky butt. He jams his butt plug in harder, arching his back for the full effect. Then he rolls back onto his back, laying spread eagle as he works his tight grip down his shaft. He starts pounding his meaty cock hard and fast as his abs tighten just before he gushes a monster load all over his ripped body.

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