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Petty Officer Cam's feet have been screaming for attention, and Navy Corpsman Logan has been looking for a chance to try out some of the reflexology he has been learning. Cam jumps at the chance and quickly pulls off his boots and hoists his feet onto Logan's lap. Logan goes right to work, kneading Cam's feet with his giant man paws. One good foot massage deserves another, and Cam is happy to return the favor for his buddy. But Cam is quickly distracted by the rest of Logan's body, as his hands start to drift up Logan's thighs. In moments, the two are lip locked and stripping off their uniforms. Then Cam gets his head down in Logan's crotch and starts throating his thick cock, balls deep. Logan lays back and grabs the back of his buddy's head to guide his throat all the way down the shaft. With Logan's cock, rock hard, Cam flips onto his stomach and takes Logan's spit lubed cock all the way deep inside. In moments, Logan is flexing his butt cheeks tight as he trusts violently into Cam's hungry ass. Cam presses his ass into each thrust before jumping onto all fours to get a real pounding. And Logan is definitely up to it, as he pounds harder into Cam's hot hole getting himself close to the edge several times, before backing off and grinding Cam's ass slowly while kissing him from behind. Then Logan flips Cam over and fucks his cock deep inside Cam for some toe curling action. Cam takes it all, eagerly pressing his ass into it. Once Cams rectum is nice and loosened up, Logan jams his rod in to the base while holding Cams leg over his shoulder. Cam jumps to his feet and straddles Logan's shaft, sliding down on it and holding his cheeks apart for Logan to slam his cock deep in there. Cam starts milking Logan's cock as he flexes his checks and grinds his hips down on it. With Logan plowing him deep, Cam loses it, and sprays a huge load all over Logan's chest and neck before dismounting and licking his buddy's chest clean. Logan follows that up and quickly gives him another load to lap up as he hoses Cam's face down with thick cream.

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