Age: 28/29 | Height: 5'3/6'1 | Weight: 132/170
Orientation: GAY/BI
Today stocky and muscular Petty Officer Clayton is hanging out with slender but surprisingly strong, Private Dusty and shooting the shit about little games he used to play after he was done hurrying up and waiting. The first game involves holding the bottom of a 16-pound sledgehammer and attempting to touch the tip of it to ones nose. Dusty, totally smoked this challenge and got Clayton to move on to the next where the goal is to hold the hammer with an outstretched arm for as long as possible. Again, Dusty outdid Clayton at his own games and held his for at least twice as long. Never the sore loser, Clayton asked what Dusty wanted since he clearly won, to which Dusty replied Ňa blowjob sounds niceÓ and Clayton immediately obliges. Yanking his trousers down around his boots Clayton grasps Dusty's thick cock as it springs towards his face, capturing it from all sides with this sweet velvety throat and proceeding to bob up and down like a buoy in the changing tide. Dusty's eyes roll back in his head as he tries to remember a time that he's gotten such a great BJ. Getting hornier and hornier with each swallow, Clayton decides it's time for Dusty to return the favor. Getting down on his knees Dusty quickly removes all barriers to oral fixation and begins the salival ceremony, rocking Clayton's world so hard that he could only take such fabulous head for a few minutes. Next he tells Dusty to stay down there as he eagerly gets behind him and starts slapping his wet chubby against Dusty's hairy hallway entrance, eliciting moans and the occasional shudder as shockwaves of pleasure ripple through his body from his asshole to his finger tips as Clayton's cock gets harder and harder, and finally gets shoved inside that snug rectal squeeze. Dusty holds on for dear life clenching his hole especially tight while Clayton tries to fill him from the rear. They both shudder from how fucking great it feels to finally let go and rub prostate against throbbing swollen cock-head. Starting to get exhausted, Clayton stands up resting his ass on the cot as Dusty straddles him backward and gingerly inserts Clayton back inside as he slides down to his pubes and massages that cock with his surprisingly vigorous sphincter muscles. They both bounce against each other in ecstasy before Dusty wants to lay back on the cot and have the depths of his digestive tract thoroughly inspected by Clayton's perfectionist dick. Holding Dusty's legs in the air and plowing his hole like it has 20 feet of tough topsoil, Clayton goes to town wrecking his rectum until they both convulse uncontrollably as salty semen flows forth into Dusty's trim stomach, and Clayton's cock spurts forth an explosion of his own special recipe of pleasure sauce into Dusty's wrenched open mouth eager to collect every last drop.

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